How To Wear Colourful Clothes This Summer

Written by Marc | 03/07/2020


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Are you wondering how to wear colourful clothes? Matching colours and injecting them into your wardrobe can be difficult. Do red and blue match? (Not really, but with subtle hues, it can work). Can you wear yellow with green? (Yes! yellow and green are analogous). Often, it’s easier to just stick to black, and even though we believe the funeral look is a great one (really, black will always be the new black) it can be nice to introduce a few cheerier tones into your wardrobe; especially for summer.

But how do you wear colourful clothes? Here we go through our top tips for matching colours for an outfit and adding a bit of sunshine to your summer wardrobe.


How do you Wear a Statement Colour?

The easiest way to add a bit of colour is to pick one piece of clothing and pair it with more neutral-toned pieces. For instance, a denim shirt with your usual black jeans and white t-shirt is a stylish yet easy look.

If only one item of your clothing is loud, you can be bolder with the colour. So, don’t be afraid to dip into bright blues, pinks and yellows for your statement piece. We recommend making your shirt, jacket or even shoes a colourful addition – as things can be a bit garish if you decide to go for bright orange chinos.

How do you layer brightly coloured clothes?

If you want your loud colours to quieten down a bit, layering is the solution. Layer your bright colours under appropriate neutral tones to make the whole outfit work. Add a grey blazer over that red t-shirt, or if you’re feeling nervous about your purple shirt, just let the collar poke out of a jumper.

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Tonal Clothing

If you want to go all out, then stay loyal to one colour and apply it to your whole outfit. We go through how to achieve tonal dressing here. But the basics are to pick a colour and then try to match clothes in different tones of that colour, so everything matches without being exactly the same.

How to Wear Colourful Accessories?

Accessories are an excellent way to brighten up your aesthetic this summer. If you feel like being colourful but subtle, then remember less is more. Try to use shades of one colour, as we mentioned above, and make sure your clothes are neutral to match.

Caps, jewellery, scarves and bags (yes, bags) are all fantastic contestants for a bit of colour.

brown shoes


Final Points

  • If you’re still too nervous, then a bright coloured sock is still a pop of colour in your outfit.
  • When going for a bright colour, pick one piece of clothing and make it your statement piece.
  • Layer your neutral clothes over your colourful pieces if you don’t want them to stand out too much.
  • Try tonal dressing and stay loyal to the same colour in different shades for your whole outfit.
  • Keep your clothes neutral and your accessories colourful for a more subtle look.


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