How To Wear White Trainers?

Written by Marc | 07/02/2020


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White trainers are the fashion essential that should be on top of everyone’s wish list. Being one of the simplest trends this season, incorporating a pair of white trainers into your everyday look is a no-brainer. Eye-catching, fresh and something people instantly recognise about your outfit. Here we go through how to wear white trainers with style.

What To Wear With Your White Trainers?

White trainers work perfectly as a signature item. Match your white trainers with a pair of black jeans to create a fabulous contrast. Choose a pair of slim, skinny or tapered black jeans, which finish just above the ankle, leaving a little bit of bare skin showing above your trainers.

The gap acts as a buffer, so when someone is looking at your outfit, they see both your jeans and trainers as separate items rather than them merging into one.

The white trainers themselves should be kept as clean as possible, in order to avoid them becoming your ‘dirty grey trainers.’

Whether you choose a chunkier trainer like Nike or Adidas, or a smaller silhouette like a pair of Converse, the same rules apply. These trainers will be the focal point of your outfit, so try not to go too over the top with the rest of your accessories.

Add a subtle logo t-shirt and stylish bomber jacket to complete your look. You may feel like your outfit is understated, but trust us; the trainers will carry it to a whole new level.

Our Top Three White Trainers For The New Season

Here we’ve handpicked the top three white trainers from the new season, just to give you a bit of an idea what your options are.

In no particular order, our first pair by Nike create a big statement with a pair of Nike Air VapourMax Plus trainers. These silhouettes are completely white, from the laces to the upper sole, meaning the stitching is the only thing that creates texture on the shoe. To makes things a bit louder, the chunky underfoot creates a gravity defying sensation and makes the whole outfit.

Nike Air VaporMax Plus trainers in white

Next up is a more subtle look with Emporio Armani’s Opatija trainers in (you guessed it) white. With a simple silhouette and straightforward design these trainers make a statement without shouting about it. What we like is the grey suede overlays that create a bit of texture and make these the smartest trainers in our list.

A Emporio Armani trainers in white with grey pannelling

Last but not least is Lacoste’s Chayman Club trainers in white. A mesh overlay gives your outfit a more casual and sportier vibe if that’s the look you want to go for. With the splash of red catching people’s eye. Little touches of colour like this are great on a white trainer if you want people to notice what you’re wearing.

A Lacoste trainer with white mesh and a red stripe


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