Men: How To Wear Pastel

Written by Marc | 11/05/2020


How To


Men, it’s time to be brave and dress like an ice-cream flavour this season. Pastel hues are the biggest trend hitting our spring of 2020. From mint green to blush pink, you can upgrade your wardrobe as the weather gets warmer with a collection of pastel hues. 

Now I know a few of you may be sceptical, and I’m not asking you to wear a baby blue suit as soon as lockdown is over (though that could look fabulous). Instead, you need to take an otherwise “quiet” outfit and give it a pastel inspired twist. Pastel hues are undergoing a renaissance and leaving them as little hints on your outfit is a fantastic chance to brighten up your wardrobe.


Why not try light washed jeans and trainers matched with a pastel jumper? Or, you could go even more subtle and opt for a white tee and pastel pink shorts for those warmer months? By selecting one pastel item you can slowly become bolder with your choices.

If you want to stick smart, then pastel isn’t always the best answer. For smart-casual we recommend soft hues for your shirts, like pinks or blues. Vibrant tones will give off a casual vibe no matter what, so pick the occasion wisely.


Another option is to have subtle pastel accents, such as a pastel pocket square with your suit or even a pastel scarf to match with your coat. You don’t have to go big or go home with pastels, and it is safer to add subtle pastel twists rather than going all out. Try sticking to one or two key pieces at a time, and merge them with your wardrobe staples.

Switching your go-to shoes for some pastel trainers, or mixing up your joggers for a lighter colour are all easy ways to add a bit of gelato to your outfits.


Obviously, if you’re feeling brave, we recommend the bolder the better. Pastel jumpers, shirts and jackets are all excellent choices, until the day you’re wearing a full pastel pink suit. That’s not a joke either, you could wear a pastel suit if you’re feeling it. The trick to a sorbet suit is to go for a slim cut, with summer fabric and a fair bit of bravado.


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