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Written by Marc | 16/03/2020


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Men in the 80s wore Dad jeans, double denim and bright colours in full force. Don’t be afraid to wear pastel blue and pink, and bomber jackets were all the range.

The 80s was a fantastic time for cheesy films, upbeat music and most importantly: bold fashion choices. We’re talking shoulder pads, garish patterns and ungodly short shorts. For better or worse, these brave fashion trends were eventually replaced with the more subdued outfits we got in the 90s’ and 00s’. Minimalistic fashion took over for a minute there, but now the 1980s’ is being recognised for all the cheesy goodness it brought, and the best of the 80s’ is back louder than ever.

Here are the 80s fashion trends for men that we at Mainline Menswear love to follow.

Dad Jeans

Once shunned as the most cringe-worthy of cuts, Dad Jeans are now back in full swing. At first, the too baggy, too short, too high-waisted look may seem like the worst choice possible for your trousers, but all this combined provides a flattering yet preppy look!

Match your Dad Jeans with a denim jacket if you really want to go for the 80s’ vibe. Alternatively, you can keep things simple with a logo-tee and some trainers. If you’re not a fan of double denim, you’ll find more tips on how to wear a denim jacket here.

Five pairs of jeans folded up on the floor in different shades of blue.


Designer tracksuits are no longer considered scruffy, and we’d prefer it if you regarded them as a sort of sporty-vibe suit (though we still wouldn’t consider them for a wedding). Bring a little athleisure 80s’ back into your wardrobe and pick the brightest, most colourful matching tracksuit you can find.

A bright red Levis' tracksuit top folded up neatly.

Bomber Jackets

If the rest of your outfit is quite normal, then there’s no easier way to make a statement than completing the look with a bomber jacket. It turns out Grease was right all along; Bomber jackets are cool – and the perfect accessory for when the weather is milder.

A close up view of a Replay jacket collar. It is white and woolly.

Bright Colours

Take advantage of Britain’s latest heatwave and be daring with your hues. The 80s were all about bright colours, and this trend is back and easiest to pull off by the pool. Blues, greens, reds and pinks: there are no rules when it comes to your 80s colour palette. We recommend you start with swimming trunks though, as it doesn’t matter which colour you go for when you won’t have much – if anything – to match them with.

Pastels are also a fantastic 80s choice if you’re not quite ready to wear that migraine-inducing yellow. We teach you how to wear pastels here.

A pastel pink and green hoodie folded together.

Bucket Hats

Okay, it may be pushing more into the 90s’ with this one, but bucket hats are everywhere this summer. Fun, quirky and great for the heat, buckets hats can be your new accessory for casual wear. Either dress for the beach and match with your favourite shorts or go for street-style and wear with dad jeans and your flashiest trainers.

Three black Adidas bucket hats stacked on top of each other.

Final Words

Which are your favourite 80s trends? Channel your inner Breakfast Club this year and shop online with Mainline Menswear. If you’re a student, then take advantage of our deals here.


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