The Best Jeans for Short Men

Written by Marc | 12/08/2020



What kind of jeans should you wear when you’re short? Well, the easy answer is: Whichever kind you’d like. However, there are a few certain cuts and shapes that are more flattering for all of those not above 6ft. Here we go through the best styles of jeans for short men.


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When it comes to clothing, there’s nothing sillier than seeing someone in poorly fitted jeans that are blatantly too large for the wearer, even if you’re basketball player height. It doesn’t matter how high quality your clothes are, baggy jeans will immediately bring your whole outfit down. Straight-fit jeans will be much more flattering!


Mens Jeans For Short Legs


For a man of short stature in particular, special care has to be taken when choosing the right jeans as fit can sometimes be an issue. The main tip we can give you when selecting denim jeans is to get the balance of length and width right.

This may sound like a lot of work for your everyday pair of pants, but it’s just a simple case of making sure your trousers add length to your legs. Too long, too wide jeans tend to make people look shorter, which isn’t what we want here.


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For the reasons above, we recommend slim-fit jeans over everything. The slim style will hug your legs, making them look thinner and longer, without the excessive tightness of skinny options that can make people look top-heavy – particularly for shorter gents.

You can go for skinny-fit jeans so long as you’re slim, slender or skinny yourself; but if you’re of average build and beyond then slim is going to be the best fit without a doubt. Wearing slim jeans balances out the width of your upper body whilst still adding the illusion of length to your legs, making them the best choice for a shorter man. Find out the difference between slim fit and skinny fit jeans.

a man is stood against a grey background looking to the side. He is wearing a blue roll neck jumper and light slim fit jeans from Boss Casual.

To sum up, choosing to wear jeans for short legs is actually really easy! It’s simply a matter of going for jean fits that accentuate the length of your legs by making them look slimmer. Go for slim fit or skinny jeans to get the most out of this illusion. Tapered-fit trousers are also an excellent choice, so long as the jeans aren’t too loose fitting around the thigh area and don’t taper too quickly. Relaxed-fit jeans or baggy pants have just too much fabric and could make shorter guys look a little buried. Really though, the best jeans for short men are entirely a matter of personal preference!


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