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Written by Marc | 08/01/2021


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Buying jeans online can be tricky. For those who are struggling to know what size jeans to buy online, we’re going to go through the most important tips to make sure you pick the perfect pair.

First things first, know your measurements! I’m not talking approximate either. Dig out a tape measure and find in inches both your waist and leg measurements. If you have these to hand to begin with, by searching your specific sizing you can instantly narrow down your search to only those pairs which will actually fit.

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This will also help to avoid disappointment, we’ve all had those online shopping moments when you spot a pair of jeans you really love, which upon later investigation are only available to purchase two inches too short.

Knowing your measurements also helps on the returns side of things. It removes the need to order two pairs of the same jeans, try them both on to find the measurement which suits and then repackage and post the inevitable unfitting pair.

Secondly, it is a good idea to have in mind a certain style that you’re looking for. If you’re hoping to replace some old favourites which have seen better days, work out their silhouette first so that you don’t end up with search results three quarters full of skinny jeans when what you really want are constructed with a loose fitting straight leg.

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Alternatively, if you’re searching for something new, do some research into which styles are popular now as this can change between seasons. Flicking through the current trends will not only provide some insight into the latest looks but it might also provide some inspiration as to what garments to style your new jeans with.

Personally, as well as considering the popular fashionable fits of the season, I think it is important to consider styles in relation to what type of footwear you plan to team your new jeans with. Perhaps you’ve purchased a new pair of trainers recently, a skinny style will show these off better than a baggy or bootcut leg which might conceal your footwear.

Occasion is also important to consider, i.e. what will you be wearing your jeans for? Jeans can be a main component of any smart casual outfit, but the key here is to keep them simple. A standard, straight fit echoes the fit of a formal trouser and it is definitely recommended that you opt for a solid black or dark raw indigo blue. Any extreme fading or distressed patches could make your look appear more worn and these denims are probably best kept for casual weekends.A pile of jeans

However, if your new jeans are intended to be more functional, perhaps for work or a city break (which always seem to involve lots of walking) one thing to keep an eye out for is how much stretch the denim has as this will improve your comfort and range of movement.

Remember, the key to buying jeans online is knowing your exact fit by using a tape measure! You really can’t go wrong with this. Another trick is to grab a pair of jeans you already own and check what size they are.

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