SS21 – Farah Goes Organic

Written by Dan | 15/03/2021


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Farah goes organic

Quintessentially British fashion brand, Farah have announced that their core lines will now be produced with 100% organic cotton. Farah have been a mainstay of the British fashion scene since the 1970s. The brand are continuing their dedication to sustainable materials with this season’s 100% organic core collection.

Farah’s core lines include T shirts, sweatshirts and polo shirts in a variety of designs. Take a look at the full collection with Mainline Menswear to find a selection of hoodies, shirts, chinos and jackets made from 100% organic cotton fabric.

What is organic cotton?

Organic cotton is produced using natural processes and certified to strict agricultural standards. The organic cultivation of cotton helps to sustain soil health and benefits local farming communities.

Organic cotton farmers use rainwater, natural fertilisers, and traditional farming methods to grow their crops – man-made chemicals are strictly off limits. Using organic fabric can reduce the environmental footprint of clothing. Farah’s commitment to sustainable organic materials reflects the brand’s forward-thinking outlook.


Shop Farah’s 100% organic clothing collection online with Mainline Menswear.

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