adidas stan smith

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adidas stan smith
Adidas Stan Smiths are some of the most famous trainers available, but they werent always known as Stan Smiths. The white leather trainers, with laces and three rows of perforations rather than the external three stripes were originally called Robert Haillets after the French tennis professional. Due to their connection to tennis, the green foam padding was added to the back of the shoe in 1967 to provide Achilles tendon protection. In 1971 Stan Smith signed a contract to endorse the shoes, but from 1973-1978 Adidas couldnt decide whether to officially change the name of the product. For these five years the trainers were produced with Stan Smiths portrait on the tongue, and the word Haillet written above it. However, in 1978 the shoes were properly endorsed by Stan Smith, the word Haillet was removed and they became the Stan Smith Adidas as we see today. By the turn of the century Stan Smiths had sold over 30 million pairs. Since then, various adaptations of Stan Smiths have been released. Adidas Stan Smith II were released in 2000, and Adidas Stan Smith 80s were released in 2008, as a replica of the originals. To everyones surprise, Stan Smiths went off the market in 2012, however they thankfully returned in 2014 with a huge re-launch. Stan Smiths are now available for customers to customise their own pair, in various colours and with the option to have your name emBOSSed in the insole. Adidas has redesigned Stan Smiths several times so you can now get them with or without laces, and in blue, green, red, black and white.