CP Company, Stone Island, MA Strum – Massimo Osti’s Italian Pride and Joy

Written by Andy | 22/03/2010

The Chester Perry clothing range or CP Company as we know it today is possibly one of the only high end designer brands that carries very little to no branding on its garments. The high end price associated with such a garment relies heavily on the materials and the innovative design used, ensuring that CP Company really does remain a hugely unique product range, with a niche market interested in such a brand. This is where it all started for Italian designer Massimo Osti. With constant experimentation with fabrics, dyes and designs through the 70s Osti started the 80s with the release of CP Company, and then later on the Stone Island brand, which we all know and instantly recognise today. Throughout the 90s Osti worked on many different textiles, fabrics, styles and samples which also lead to many collaborations and eight textiles innovations, which are all used to this day. This leads us right up to date in the history of Massimo Osti’s brands, with the recent inclusion of the MA Strum brand, a collection that has entirely been made from Osti’s textile and fabric archives. All three brands offer a very unique and different style from the rest of the fashion market, and are instantly recognisable on Mainline Menswear as three of the top end fashion brands.

C P Company first began production in 1975, and since then has produced over 40,000 individual garments all following the brands philosophy of “Function and Use”. The brand have gone on to develop many popular CP company jackets using the unique textiles and fabrics, but also developing technical aspects such as goggles, masks and gloves to further the uniqueness of the brand. The goggle jacket has become synonymous with the brand since its release, and provides wearers with a retro styled jacket, that really sets the tone for CP Company jackets. CP Company’s clothing collection also has some amazing shirts and t shirts, with the focus on the materials and fabrics used.

Stone Island was born out of the success of CP Company in 1981, and since have developed a desire for innovation in both construction and detail in the garments created. Like CP Company, Stone Island create their collections with functionality in mind, however tie this up with unique design and fabrics created in Osti’s archives. Stone Island jackets are the main focus of the brand, and represent everything that the brand strives to achieve: style, innovation and function. Stone Island clothing is a huge seller for Mainline Menswear with much of the growing attention placed on the Stone Island t shirts. These t shirts offer the Stone Island branding and design, but at a much more everyday price. As it isn’t every day that you can afford an amazing Stone Island coat or even a piece of winter warming Stone Island knitwear from their extensive Stone Island clothes collection.

MA Strum clothing is possibly the newest set of ideas released by Massimo Osti and his team of designers. Every design, style and fabric used has been drawn from the archive, and offers some very interesting designs and ideas in a collection that is ever expanding season by season. This range is still very much in the early stages, with brand awareness being relatively low, however if you like the Stone Island and CP Company ethos behind their clothing, but would prefer to wear something a bit different or up and coming then MA Strum really is the brand for you. Recently boxing champion David Haye was seen wearing an MA Strum jacket, and since then people have been flooding to the site to snap one up. This season sees the introduction of MA Strum t shirts and polo shirts and MA Strum jumpers, ensuring that the MA Strum clothes brand is beginning to cover every aspect of the areas its fashionable relatives perform so well in.

All three brands are available at Mainline Menswear, with the spring summer 2010 collections being added daily at the moment. These fantastic ranges will sell quickly, so if you want to grace your local streets with a piece of Italian design and workmanship then look no further than CP Company, Stone Island and MA Strum. Each brand also has a fantastic sale section, which bargain hunters can really get their teeth into the fantastic reductions and discounts available on all of the brands. Mainline Menswear really is the place to be for fashion.

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