CP Company – Arriving Late but Looking Great!

Written by Andy | 20/09/2012

CP Company Coats and JacketsThe CP Company range for Mainline Menswear has been delivered a little later than the other brands, but looking at the first few pieces it has been well worth the wait. We’ve now got a premium range of Massimo Osti inspired clothing from one of Italy’s biggest fashion brands. Originally dubbed Chester Perry in the 70s before being renamed CP Company upon the launch of Boneville and Stone Island in the 80s the brand has always had one focus and philosophy – function and use. With inspiration coming from military and city wear as well as technical fabrics, elements and finishes that provide a C.P. Company wearer with a fairly unique item that provides what they set out to achieve.

With angled pockets, woven outers, technical cottons, heat bonded zips and more the CP Company jackets and clothing are some of the best designer yet technical garments around. Across the range you’ll see more branding than a couple of years ago and also more items incorporating the famous ‘Goggle’ design that has become synonymous with the brand since its creation. The goggles come from a historical point in motor racing, and in particular the endurance race around Italy – the Mille Miglia. With no roofs on the now vintage cars the driver relied on a coat that allowed for all conditions with goggles built into the hood and panel in the arm as a watch viewer which helped with visibility during rain, snow and wind. The look has since been adapted to the designer clothing and is now instantly recognisable as a CP Company garment, despite a few brands trying (and failing) to copy this key look.

The CP Company range at Mainline Menswear is looking fairly small at the moment, but rest assured as the weather changes there will be enhancements on the range in the form of more coats and jackets. Goggle clad zip tops and knitted beanies are available alongside the basic t shirts and the signature pieces for the season, which this season features a coat with a removable ski visor and foam mouth gauze offering a very unique look for the season that fits in with a variety of ideals such as snow sports, military protection and a rather futuristic look while also remaining a designer must have for the coming season. While this coat may retail at £895 you can guarantee that this collector’s piece will be a real investment, and something that will leave the followers in the wake of the trend setters. Visit Mainline Menswear today and view the range that has the bloggers and collectors furiously discussing on blogs and forums.

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