What to Wear to a Football Match

Written by Marc | 04/07/2016



Whether you’re an avid football fan, or you’re being dragged along by your mates you’ll probably have to go to a football match at some point in your life. In situations like this it’s important to fit in and not look like you don’t belong, so what you wear is very important. Do some research beforehand and find out what your team colours are, and what the opposition’s colours will be on the day. The worst thing you can possibly do is be wearing blue when that’s what your rivals are playing in!

Even though the focus is going to be on the game and not what you’re wearing, there’s no harm in looking good. The fans around you will probably notice, and it’s always good to give off the right impression.

Look like you know what you’re there for. If you’re a Chelsea fan go for a blue or white t-shirt, or jumper if it’s a bit cold. If you’re there supporting Sunderland opt for red, or again white or black is a safe fallback if you don’t have anything in the team colours. Go for a patterned or textured jumper so your outfit isn’t too plain, but stick to simple stripes or a subtle pattern, don’t go too overboard with patterns and colours.

Don’t wear a shirt, especially if you’re in the stands with everyone else. A shirt screams that you’re trying too hard for a match, and besides, a t-shirt and jumper give you more flexibility to jump around and wave your arms with the rest of the crowd.

Throw on a pair of either slim-fit or straight-leg jeans. You could go for skinny but remember you’re likely to be jumping out of your seat a lot, and comfort when moving around is key – you’ve got to get through a 90-minute game!

When accessorising your outfit, a scarf is always a reliable option. Like with your t-shirt, matching the scarf to team colours is a bonus – you may even be able to pick up one specifically for your team in the grounds beforehand! But if you don’t want to spend a stupid amount of money on a scarf before the game, go for a fairly short scarf you can tie around your neck. It’ll provide that extra bit of warmth and add a certain bit of flair to your outfit.




If it’s a nice day, you can add a pair of sunglasses. Aviators are a great choice, they make a statement and show off your good taste, but aren’t over the top so you earn too many side-glances from your fellow fans. When choosing sunglasses, make sure you get the right size and shape for your face; there’s nothing worse than jumping up to celebrate a goal and your sunglasses flying off your face and getting lost in the crowd forever!

When thinking about footwear, comfort is key once again. You’re going to be on your feet for a lot of the day and walking around the ground accumulates many more steps than you’d expect. Trainers like Adidas Originals or Nike Roshe are the perfect choice, they’re practical and will look good with almost any outfit.

Remember you don’t want to wear anything too expensive as there’s a fair chance you’ll get a bit of dirt on you, so avoid expensive brands and you’ll be good to go.

If you need to take a bag, go for a rucksack or shoulder bag rather than anything else. It’ll fit all your supplies in for the day and is comfortable and practical enough to carry around with you. This classic Fred Perry shoulder bag is a perfect choice.

The most important thing for a football game is to enjoy yourself and be comfortable throughout the day. Make sure you’re happy in the outfit you choose and you’re sure to have a great day… so long as your team wins!

Written by Eleanor Richards.

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