Style Hacks: How To Update Your Style in 2020

Written by Marc | 17/04/2020


How To

Fashion crazes are notoriously fickle, and you don’t want to spend money on a completely new wardrobe every time the fashion industry changes its mind. The easiest way to stay on trend is to stick to timeless classics that never go out of style. This is why we at Mainline Menswear recommend you treat yourself to a few luxury pieces from top designers to ensure you have a wardrobe that stands against the changing tides of fashion.

From Vivienne Westwood to Moschino, there’s a lot on offer when it comes to our baroque collection of top luxury brands, but what should you pick? How do you achieve a look of luxury without breaking the bank? Here we go through the easiest ways to look expensive.


Pick One Statement Piece

If you want to dress sharp, then picking one statement piece is an easy way to make sure you stand out. We went through statement pieces when discussing printed shirts here. Ditch the over-sized graphic t-shirts for your every-day and instead, pick something a little more grown-up that represents the impression you want to project. A printed shirt is always going to look smarter than a graphic t-shirt, and is perfect for a casual situation that will leave you winning best-dressed, or – if you seriously hate buttons – even a block-coloured t-shirt would look smarter than your childish graphic tees.

A North Face Coat In Bright Floral Patterns

Make Sure Your Shoes Are Clean

The easiest way to make sure your outfit sells expensive is to not let a spot of dirt mar your otherwise perfect look. This means no stained shirts, no grubby trousers and definitely NO muddy shoes.

Sell the luxury look by maintaining a clean, smart wardrobe top-to-bottom. Even expensive pieces will look cheap if you haven’t looked after them, so be sure to keep your footwear spotless, your whites whites and your jeans actually washed.

GH Bass Shoes in brown

Everything Needs to Fit Properly

You could wear the most expensive shirt on our website, but it will look silly if it doesn’t fit you. It can be tempting to think larger clothes are more revealing as they hide more, but this simply isn’t the case. So, don’t be afraid to wear fitting clothes. Slim-fit shirts look smarter than baggy t-shirts, no matter what your size.

A blue Paul Smith shirt


Pick Luxury Fabrics

Consider these items an investment, and don’t go for cheap cloth if you want to look expensive. Buying a few choice items ensures you’ll look smart, and the higher quality the longer these clothes will last, which will save you money in the grand scheme of things.

Cheap fabrics tend to hang very stiffly, but high-quality fabrics provide structure to the body and tend to be more supple. Cotton is always a safe choice when it comes to fabrics, and is cooling for the warmer weather.

Versace shirt

Don’t Forget the Accessories

We’ve discussed how to style accessories in length here. And with good reason! A few choice accessories will upgrade your outfit to the max, making you look like you know what you’re doing with very little effort. A watch and a pair of sunglasses are easily forgotten, but if you take the time to add these finishing touches your outfit will instantly look more put together.


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