Proud to be British! Let’s take a look at our British style icons…

Written by Kimberley | 08/11/2013

Brits are known for their eccentricity and quirky tastes, especially in fashion.

As our best of the British week draws to a close we thought it would be a wise decision to take a look at some of our favourite British style icons, after all the popularity of Britain, particularly this year has soared to new levels. Britain is home to many fashion styles, in particular we are recognised for our ‘tailored’ style; a smart, carefully crafted look is a timeless classic for the English gent.

Daniel Craig

Let’s start by looking at the style of new James Bond, Daniel Craig. Craig is known for his consistently polished look and seems to relish the tailored look, rarely leaving the house looking anything other than immaculate.
We have picked out a selection of clothing in the true Daniel Craig style, all of which are available from Mainline Menswear. They key to Craig’s style is to mix smart and casuals, he always seems to favour a shirt and jeans but will mix and match cardigans and v neck jumpers and accessorise with a bag and watch.

King of the perfectly polished, smart casual look: Daniel Craig

David Beckham
Now for probably the most widely recognised British style icon; David Beckham. We have mentioned David Beckham many times and rightly so as we continue to admire his superior sense of style.
Why do we admire Beckham so much? It’s his ability to pull off his smart and tailored looks coupled with his awesome sense of street style, whilst remaining highly fashionable at all times. Although Beckham is mostly seen sporting a perfectly tailored suit, we enjoying seeing his street styles, as even these are done with absolute precision and perfection.
We love Beckham’s street style so have selected one of our favourite looks!

Dapper and street style meet

Russell Brand
Here’s for something a bit off the wall…British eccentric Russell Brand is notorious for his flamboyant lifestyle and his eccentric sense of style.Russell is rather unique in the sense his puts together a unique mixture of high-end street wear pieces. His favourites tend to be black blazers, leather jackets, necklaces and skinny jeans often accessorising with scarves, heavily studded belts and a faithful pair of sunglasses, come rain or shine. Russell also emphasises his style by back-combing his hair to extreme lengths and his signature colour is most always black.

High end street style

Final note

So there we have it, our top 3 favourite British style icons, we have selected these three due to their devotion and consistency to fashion, not to mention that their looks can easily be achieved by anyone!

Who’s your style icon?

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