Look Like A Rock Star With Our BRIT Award 2014 Men’s Fashion Guide

Written by Andy | 17/02/2014


The boys are leading the way at this year’s BRIT Awards, not only in nominations, but in the style stakes too. Stefanie Faleo is one of the UK’s up and coming TV Presenters, best known as the main music presenter on Chart Show TV. She’s no stranger to star style, having interviewed the likes of Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Olly Murs and One Direction. Here Stefanie gives us her take on a few of the BRIT Boys style.


Tom Odell


“I love the way Tom Odell dresses. It’s effortlessly cool. He doesn’t try too hard, and that is what makes him a fashion front runner.” Get Tom’s Look Here



“The lads from Bastille are very laid back when it comes to style. I love their choice of Denim, with simple tees underneath. They are guys who you would happily enjoy a drink with.” Dress Like Bastille Here

Sam Smith


“Sam’s style is very subtle, but no doubt speaks a thousand words. He is chic without making a big colourful statement. Very sophisticated.” Get Sam Smith’s Trends



“The brothers are very trendy when it comes to style. They like to keep it comfortable when it comes to what they wear. Parka jackets, basic tees and plain jumpers make them very approachable and laid back. I think they are hot!” Dress Like Disclosure

Jake Bugg


“Jake Bugg’s moody ‘Oasis like’ lad personality definitely takes control of his style. He likes to wear dark colours that make him fade into the background – polo necks, trench coats, basic jeans and hoodies.” Get the Jake Bugg Look

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