Magnus Carlsen: An Unconventional Style Icon

Written by Robert | 04/04/2014

As far away from a conventional style icon as you could imagine, Magnus Carlsen has simultaneously become a master of chess and a model for one of the biggest clothing brands in the world.

Such a unique profile has led Carlsen, 23, to become one of the highest-profile players of the game ever- and it is not just commercially that he has been successful.

He attained the highest ranking in chess of grandmaster aged just 13, and has since earned a number 1 world ranking, a world title and most tellingly- the highest-ranking score of any player in history.

Chess doesn’t have many household celebrity names, but the Norwegian’s eye-catching list of achievements have helped raise the profile of the game.


Despite such a tender age, he is expected to claim a title as chess’ greatest ever player in the years to come, pushing the seemingly unbreakable boundaries set by those before him. Such unusual achievements have not gone unnoticed and it is likely this ability to stand out that has attracted his sponsorships.

With the game of chess comes an unfortunate geek stereotype but Carlsen has been able to break this down through his relaxed demeanour and extrovert playing style. The man billed as “the Mozart of chess” is now renowned not just for his extraordinary talent playing chess, but also for his strong militant dress style as per his G Star Raw advertising campaigns.


Carlsen is single-handedly responsible for “sexing” up the game of chess



The premium denim brand is known for its military and industrial edge in the construction of its clothing. Many competitors are known as heritage denim brands that pride themselves on the history behind their products, as opposed to the Dutch brand G-Star who aims to be a much more contemporary forward-thinking supplier. Association with Carlsen is perhaps an acknowledgement of the pair’s shared characteristic of challenging the accepted normalities in their field of expertise.

Carlsen’s style has developed from beating players twice his age to give perceived wisdom that belies his youthful, down-to-earth appearance. He has developed an individuality both in and out of the game which people respect and crucially for the fashion industry, one which people want to buy into.

An icon is someone who is respected for their individuality, not for their ability to blend in with others. The undisputed king of chess now proves to be a legitimate poster boy for the game, broadening its appeal and marketing it to those who have previously never been exposed to it.

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