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Written by Robert | 25/07/2014


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After headlining Glastonbury and releasing their 5th album straight to number 1 in the charts this summer, Kasabian are the band on everybody’s mind at the minute. Bright lights and bold costumes have become a trademark of their live gigs, their masculine style is well admired outside of the music industry too and will be replicated by others for many years to come.

The rock band from the Midlands who we all know for their catchy songs and witty lyrics are legitimately one of the most iconic bands of their generation, standing alongside the likes of the Arctic Monkeys and Oasis as one of the biggest of recent years. They’ve had a total of 5 studio albums and having formed way back in 1997, they still show no sign of slowing down just yet.

Their 5th album released in June, 48:13, hit number one in the UK albums chart during its first week of release, remarkably it was the band’s fourth consecutive UK number one album.

Infectious personality and charisma are arguably their strongest assets, but behind all of their work is a clear raw passion to achieve more. A common misconception is that their most famous member, Serge Pizzorno, is the lead singer, but in fact it is Tom Meighan who assumes that role whilst Serge song writes and is the band’s lead guitarist.

Defined by playing with a mix of swagger and charisma, most notably in their highly charged gig at Glastonbury last month, Kasabian’s perceived abrasive persona draw comparisons with Oasis in their heyday and musically; they are most often compared to The Stone Roses and Primal Scream.

kasabian bannerkasabian cover

Kasabian- whose name allegedly derives from the Hebrew word for the word “butcher”- has got one of the most unmistakable and distinctive styles in the music industry today and that is due to being the most relatable acts to the cross-genre 60’s style of neo-psychedelia characterized by eccentricity and surrealism. Brands like Pretty Green have shown this is a style that is creeping back into mainstream fashion too with the use of patterns like paisley on their clothing. Kasabian’s influence comes perhaps through Pizzorno mainly, who is said to greatly idolise the musical and fashionable tastes of The Beatles George Harrison. Exciting blazers, over the top military jackets, shirts with bold cuts, trims and patterns are all influenced by this retro movement.

You might be forgiven for thinking Serge is the main man in this group because, after all he is the one most photographed, he has the most celebrity friends (namely Noel Fielding) and he also has the biggest commercial appeal having headed campaigns for clothing brands Armani and G- Star Raw.

Get the Kasabian look – the definitive lookbook

Look 1

Pizzorno Style

Serge has a very daring sense of style but he pulls it off with aplomb. skinny jeans, Chelsea boots and a retro haircut are all the compulsory features of a classic Serge look.

Look 2

Kasabian Tom's style

Frontman Tom is not to be outdone by his distinctive half-Italian bandmate and he has built his own fashionable identity through a trademark air of confidence and masculinity. To get his look it is advisable to start with a leather jacket and a signature accessory such as a necklace to add interest to a V neck t-shirt.

Look 3

Kasabian psychedelic style

As we have already mentioned the psychedelic connotations of Kasabian’s style opens them up to the wacky prints seen on their live tours. Pretty Green and Fred Perry are both reliable producers of this type of clothing and with one of the band’s guitarists recently leaving to join Liam Gallagher at Beady Eye any hoping to fill the void might first need to blend in with their style with a paisley shirt to start with.


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