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Written by Kimberley | 13/08/2015


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Football managers are constantly under scrutiny from the media and football fans. Not only for their choice of play or what number 9 they picked but what they choose out of the wardrobe that morning. There are two types of managers, those who wear tracksuits on the touch line and those who wear suits. We have picked out our five best dressed football managers for 2015.

Joachin Low

The head of the German football team is considered the sexiest football coach, for not only his luscious locks but for his fashion sense he is often seen in a fitted shirt and sporting a knitted scarf. He is well known for having the cool reserved look a manager should have. Joachin seems to be able to transform a touchline into a catwalk.


Mauricio Pochettino

This well dress Argentinian is still likely to be found wearing his tracksuit, but when the 42 year old Southampton head coach does scrub up properly there are very few people in the Premier League who look smarter.


Jose Mourinho

When Mourinho had his first stint at Chelsea he set the style barrier very high. Wearing his iconic Gray Armani overcoat he has the ability to rock a well cut two piece suit and tie, he always seems effortless and have the confidence a manager needs. Being one of the older managers he has maybe relaxed his style slightly and doesn’t try as hard as he once did. However the 51 year old Portuguese still stands out amongst the majority.


Diego Simeone

The Athletico Madrid coach is not one of the favourite amongst the English after being involved in getting Beckham sent off in the 1998 world cup. Known for his ‘black on black’ style with a skinny tie that never seems to move when he makes his way up and down the side line. However we cannot deny he knows exactly how to wear a suit.

Paul Tisdale

One of the hidden fashion gems this less well known manager has to be amongst one of the football fashion elite. Tisdale always manages to surprise his lower tier fans with his majestic sense of style. His team Exeter City are not the most elite but Tisdale seems to be keeping in the lime light for teaming well cut suits with a flat cap and cravat. Well at least Exeter City are being noticed for something I guess.


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