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Written by Eleanor | 18/08/2016


Style Icon

James CordenJames Corden is a personality whose presence is larger than life. He first graced our screens on the sitcom Gavin & Stacy in 2007. He co-wrote the show and then starred in it, alongside Ruth Jones and Rob Brydon. Now he is the presenter of US talk show: ‘The Late Late Show.’

When you think of style icon’s, guys like James Corden don’t normally come to mind. But for a larger man, Corden still manages to emulate style. He has openly admitted he is a fan of fashion, so we thought we’d take a glance through some of his looks. Giving you a chance to model yourself in his image. James Corden 1

The Polo Shirt

One thing James Corden has been spotted in countless times is a polo shirt. With all the buttons done up and the collar folded down, he pulls off the polo look with style and class. A favourite brand of his is the classic Fred Perry – one of the first brands to mass produce polo shirts.

Fred Perry came into production in the 1940s. By the mid-1950s they were selling polo shirts to everyone in a range of colours and designs.

If you’re a fan of Corden’s carpool karaoke, a popular addition to The Late Late Show, you will have definitely noticed him in a polo shirt or two. He likes to wear a mainly dark coloured polo, either black or navy, with the classic Fred Perry trim on the collar. The laurel wreath logo, of course, visible on the chest.

Pairing polo shirts with jeans and trainers as Corden does creates a casual look. Ideal for wearing on the weekend, or going out for drinks with friends. The sleek and simplistic style creates natural fashion, especially when working with brands as high profile as Fred Perry. James Corden 2

The Suit

James Corden is also not afraid to rock a suit, and manages to pull off a tailored look very impressively considering his figure. Unlike most who tend to stick to a black or navy suit, Corden has been spotted wearing several brighter coloured suits, like his favourite burgundy number.James Corden 3

He has also managed to wear a tuxedo with style both on his talk show, and at numerous award ceremonies and formal events. He often favours a shawl lapel, creating a smoother look and looking more fashionable than most. You can read more about the different types of suits in this earlier blog post, which includes details on how and when to wear a suit.

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