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Written by Rebecca | 11/09/2017

If there is one name that has yet to leave our brains and Facebook feeds so far this year, it is of course Conor McGregor. The Irish UFC pro has certainly already proved himself, after becoming the UFC interim featherweight champion, he went on to battle boxing colossus Floyd Mayweather and has become known for his loudmouth and hilarious cocky attitude both in and out the ring.

More than that, McGregor has broken further ground in the way that he chooses to present himself – his love for high end fashion – particularly suits have made him ‘notorious’ in more ways than one!

It is absolutely a given then, that McGregor is a style icon. His preference to the finer things in life is clearly reflected in his approach to fashion, with his style showing he has a keen eye for current trends. Don’t worry – Conor’s style is extremely easy to emulate, so to help get you started we’ve put together a short guide to inspire you to look as dapper as Notorious himself! You’re welcome.

[Photo: Instagram]

Everybody looks great in a suit, and Conor McGregor is certainly no exception. Just from taking a brief look at his various social media platforms, it is glaringly obvious that he is partial to fine tailoring. The man has gone on record as saying “buttoning up a nice suit is like finishing a hard workout”, so take note on how important a good suit is to McGregor’s style.

While it might seem simple, finding the perfect suit is no simple task and it will take time – McGregor seems to favour classic suits with cutting edge modern nuances, like this Hugo Boss navy suit which has a slim fit for something a bit more contemporary.

[Photo: Instagram]

When it comes to McGregor’s fashion sense that isn’t a suit, there is a certain formula that McGregor seems to stick to in order to look laid back in style. Don’t worry, we’ve cracked it. The first step is the polo shirt, the pinnacle of any smart-casual outfit.

This is a classic piece that can be easily dressed up or down. To add his own flair, McGregor opts for luxurious textures and materials to show off his love for lavish clothing. This John Smedley polo ought to do the trick!

Next up are the trousers – McGregor has been observed to favour chinos over jeans, presumably due to the smarter appearance they suggest. In keeping with current trends, most of the chinos that McGregor has been spotted in have tended to be slim fits, with the trousers also being cropped to just above the ankle, in order to give his outfits a more playful flavour. For a similar effect, give these Lacoste slim fit chinos a shot.

[Photo: Instagram]

Last, but certainly not least is the footwear. When it comes to casual outfits, McGregor can often be spotted wearing leather loafers – undoubtedly the cherry-on-top for any gentleman’s attire.

Although McGregor pairs them with smart trousers and a polo, they can be worn with practically anything to add a sophisticated flair – wear them with some rolled up jeans and a short-sleeved button-up shirt for the perfect ‘going out’ look. These G.H. Bass loafers are perfect for the job.

Written by Will Palmer

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