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Written by Rebecca | 13/04/2018


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Over the past decade, few actors have gathered the fandom and mainstream attention of one of the UK’s biggest and brightest names – Daniel Radcliffe. The 28-Year-old from London rose to prominence with his role as the global phenomenon ‘Harry Potter’.

Since the conclusion of that franchise, Radcliffe has taken on a large variety of roles in both cinema and theatre. This article will give you some of the tips and tricks you need to get the look of Daniel Radcliffe.

Radcliffe has an extremely unique style. His fashion choices consist of vintage based casual wear in darker colours, resulting in a very traditional British look.

Radcliffe LOVES a sport jacket/blazer. He often is photographed wearing them in both formal and casual occasion, with the navy blue option being his particular preference.

[Photo: Pinterest]

This Vivienne Westwood blazer is a gorgeous piece of designer branded clothing, with the red plaid lining connoting a true luxurious feel to the piece. Radcliffe is often rocking this particular style due to the multi-purpose nature of the jacket, with both its casual and formal design making it a must have in any wardrobe.

The Harry Potter star is shown to be a great lover of chinos, frequently seen combining the chino and blazer look to great effect. These Farah Vintage Elm Chinos in navy are the perfect choice for creating this classic Radcliffe look with the dark tone blending the darker blazer to a cool stylish effect.

[Photo: Pinterest]

To compliment and finalise this suave look is the choice of shoes. The Loafer is a frequent choice for Radcliffe when creating an ensemble. Quite like his other fashion choices the loafer is perfect for creating that casual yet formal look, perfect for most occasions for the now Hollywood superstar.

These GH Bass Weejun Loafers are ideal for finalising that signature boyish look Radcliffe has featured so heavily.

[Photo: Pinterest]

The overall feel of Daniel Radcliffe’s looks and style comes from the actor’s significant self confidence combined with that boyish look that has made him so popular across the world, his casual looking apparel reflects his personality and makes him the perfect person to base your style off of.

Written by James Rowland

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