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Written by Bronwen | 26/12/2018


Style Icon

With their latest album “A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships,” The 1975 are back and back with style. Lead vocalist Matt Healy is a rock star with a look to match. He always appears effortlessly stylish with an indie, rock twist. For those wanting to recreate a stylish indie rock look then look no further.

The Leather Rocker

This look is classic Matt, with his trademark leather jacket. It’s such a simple style, leather jacket, white t-shirt and black skinny jeans, but its a classic look for a reason. Find yourself a well fitting leather jacket and rock the night away!

Matt Healy with a guitar

Match this look: Diesel Quad leather jacket in black + Replay crew neck t-shirt in white + Levis line 8 skinny jeans 

The King of the Floral Shirt

Matt seems to be a big fan of floral print shirts, this one especially. Seen in the “Robbers” video, it soon became a fan favourite and why shouldn’t it be. Teamed up with a denim jacket, it looks perfect. Grab yourself a floral print, a denim jacket and create your own edgy look.

Matt Healey in floral shirt

Match this look: Versace Collection long-sleeved shirt in black + Tommy Jeans Trucker Jacket in blue 

The Band Tee

Known for wearing other artists t-shirts, such as Taylor Swift and this one from the American rock band, Television. Whether its to show his admiration for the artist or to simply look “edgy,” Matt rocks a band tee, simple. Grab your own band t-shirt and own it.

Matt Healey holding a microphone

Match this look: Replay Nirvana tribute t-shirt in black 

Okay so Matt Healy’s style might not be for everyone but you have to admit he has that bad boy, indie, rock look. To match this we suggest you act confident and release your inner rock god with our stylish picks.


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