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Written by Bronwen | 25/02/2019


Style Icon


Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no question that Jaden Smith has his own ‘unique style.’ I believe anyone who’s brave enough to wear a white Batman suit to Kim and Kanye West’s wedding should be considered a style icon; and if you don’t agree with me, then in Jaden’s own words (from his infamous twitter): You Must Not Know Fashion.

The gender-fluid, teen rapper and philosopher wears what he wants, when he wants – and that is something we can all admire. So, without further ado, let’s discuss Jaden Smith – Style icon.

Denim Jacket

When you’re tweeting things like “most trees are blue” and “I only apply to the sixth amendment,” then you’re already standing out from the crowds. Fashionwise, Jaden is frequently making choices to help him stand out even further, from using his own cut off dreads as an accessory to – get this – wearing double denim.


[Photo: Instagram]

A bold look for most, we’re sure Jaden doesn’t think twice about breaking the basic rules of fashion – that’s just how he rolls, man. And the looks working for him, including those fantastic patchworked jeans. Jaden also loves a denim jacket, and we can see why. They’re the perfect layering accessory and acceptable to wear all year round.

You can achieve something similar (albeit less loud) with dark denim jeans and a lighter denim jacket to match. Mainline Menswear recommend Nudie and their nontoxic denim (Jaden would definitely approve). Complete the look with a black t shirt and you’ll be rocking that Jaden Smith look.

Snuggly Jumpers

Jaden Smith Jumper

[Photo: Instagram]

Next up for Jaden’s wardrobe is the snuggly jumper. Ignore the message, we’re sure he doesn’t mean it, and what Jaden definitely wants you to take notice of is his woollen jumper. Look at that thing! Comfort to the max whilst still avoiding the ol’ granny look with another pair of patchwork jeans.

Match this casual-but-preppy look with one of our designer jumpers and a pair of distressed jeans.

The Smart Coat

black coat

[Photo: Instagram]

Now we’re getting onto more sensible wear. The all-black outfit is smart, sophisticated, and maybe not your typical Jaden-esque look.

His normal go-to wardrobe choice or not, he still looks great. Without risking the burglar look, pull off your own all-black outfit with a designer Emporio Armani black shirt and matching chinos to feel like Jorden Smith at his most sensible.

[Photo: Instagram]

There we have it, a few of our favourite Jaden Smith outfits and proof enough that he should be considered one of our modern style icons. Even GQ recognized Jaden Smith as one of the most stylish men alive in its July magazine, putting him on the same ranking as George Clooney and Ryan Gosling, to mention a few. So, in the words of Jaden Smith: How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren’t real?

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