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Written by Bronwen | 10/06/2019


Style Icon

Having recently duetted with Taylor Swift, all eyes are on the lead singer of Panic! At The Disco, Mr Brendon Urie, my eyes especially. This man knows how to make an impact with fashion. What’s not to love about a man who can rock a pair of thigh-high shiny red boots on Broadway?

On Trend Tropical

Urie usually favours a more monochrome palette. Here we see him going bright and bold in an on-trend tropical number. Styling the Cuban collar with some ripped jeans, military boots and some swanky shades. He looks good. Inspired? Shop the look here.

Brendon Urie Wearing A Cuban Collar

[Image: Pinterest]


Here is Brendon’s most worn outfit on tour. His traditional skin-tight leather pants and a black t-shirt. It’s simple and the all-black outfit oozes a suave vibe. Often paired with one of his trademark metallic blazers or a leather jacket, it certainly is a striking look. And for those of you wondering: ‘doesn’t he get too hot performing in all that black?’ Yes. Yes, he does; but don’t worry the t-shirt easily comes off. 

Brendon Urie Wearing An All-Black Outfit Whilst Singing On Stage

[Image: Pinterest]

Triple Denim?

Not many men can pull off double denim, let alone triple denim, but I know one man that can pull off this style. A distressed denim shirt layered under a darker denim jacket and teamed with an even darker pair of blue jeans. Somehow, it doesn’t clash or look too much. By working with different shades of blue in the denim and adding in some distressing, you can rock the triple denim look too. (But just because you can doesn’t mean you should).

Brendon Urie Wearing Triple Denim

[Image: Tumblr]

More denim

Two of my favourite things. Brendon Urie and a puppy. Okay, let’s focus on what he’s wearing. He’s a fan of layering and he’s teamed up a chunky grey hoodie underneath an oversized sherpa jacket. Perfect for those cold winter days. The puppy is, of course, optional but highly recommended.

Brendon Urie Holding A Puppy

[Image: Pinterest]

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